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Square Mould

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Sand mould 'scratch tiles' are a pre-made, water-based resin bonded sand mould with a square shape embossed into them, ready for you to design and carve into with your own ideas. When we are ready to pour molten metal, the iron will flow into your carved sand design and fill in all the details to reveal a one-of-a-kind iron casting that you made from scratch!

See our TIPS & TRICKS  page for more info on carving into your square mould.



Each square shaped sand mould for the 8th Annual "Pour'n Yer Heart Out" Community Iron Pour event is a roughly 6 inch x 6 inch impression area for you to carve a design into. Follow the page links to place your order for as many sand moulds as you'd like to carve. 

Step 2: PICK UP

You can pick up molds at Sector67 every Friday from 1-7PM or by appointment.  Please e-mail to set up a time or stop in on a Friday with your sales receipt to pick up your sand mould and get started on your design.

Sand moulds are stacked near the entrance way at Sector67, with a clip board and pens to write down your name, Order number, and how many moulds you physically picked up. Help us keep track of our inventory by filling out this little form at pickup!!

Sector67 is located here:


2100 Winnebago Street

Madison, WI 53704

(608) 241-4605

Step 3: DESIGN

Work on them at home and bring them back to the event at Sector67 on or before February 11th, so we can pour them with molten iron at the event!  See our TIPS & TRICKS page for great design instruction for how to carve your sand mould.


SAND MOULDS MUST BE AT SECTOR by 11am on Saturday, February 11th !!  You can always drop off your finished pieces at Sector67 anytime earlier, of course.

NO Sand Mould making will be happening on the day of the event, so be sure to give yourself enough time before the event to create your very own Hot 'n' Heavy iron creation:}  Our first tap of metal will happen at Noon, after that it's production time baby!! 

Magnetic Hanger?:
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Additional Info

If you're looking for more help with carving your sand tile, either visit our Tips and Tricks page, or consider signing up for one of 2 workshops offered to the public before the event. Alisa will be teaching 2 public classes: The Madison Bubbler, inside Madison Central Library on January 30th 2016, from 1-3pm, and another at the Madison Children's Museum on February 5th from 7pm-8pm during their Adult Swim programing.

 To register and find out more about these classes, visit the WORKSHOPS page for more info and tickets.  

The optional Magnetic Hanger is a super smart way for you to hang your final iron creation up on the wall after it's all cleaned up. These super-strong, neodymium rare earth magnets can hold up to 65lbs of pull, so your little iron heart will be safe and sound with that amount of magnetism on it