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Heart Moulds

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Sand mould 'scratch tiles' are a pre-made, water-based resin bonded sand mould with two heart shapes embossed into them, ready for you to design and carve into with your own ideas. When we are ready to pour molten metal, the iron will flow into your carved sand design and fill in all the details to reveal a one-of-a-kind iron casting that you made from scratch!

See our TIPS & TRICKS  page for more info on carving into your heart mould.

Magnetic Hanger:
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Each square shaped sand mould is a 6in x 6in blank embossed shape that is already 1/4inch deep for you to start carving a design into. You may safely carve your design another 1/2 inch deep, and another 1/2 inch maximum outside the square shape. Doing so makes your piece bigger and heavier, but the deeper you go, the more dynamic your design will look. Use the Tips & Tricks page to help guide your design and carving process at home.

Step 2: PICK UP

You can pick up your pre-ordered molds at FeLion Studios anytime before the iron pour by making an appointment with Alisa. Simply call or email with a date / time that works the best for you, and she will be sure to greet you at the studio.

FeLion Studios location & parking:

2825 Perry Street, Bay #3

Madison, WI 53715

Call us : 608-308-1113

Or Email:

Our facility is located just south of the belt line off of Fish Hatchery Road in the business park on the east end of Greenway Cross. We're situated directly behind (and in the same building as) another business called Mad City Moving. Drive back along either side of the building where you'll come to a courtyard that has all of their big moving trucks parked. Visitors may park anywhere along the building in front of the big garage bay doors numbered 2 & 3 that you'll see back there. Please be mindful to stay clear of parking in front of Bays #1 and #4, as those are occupied by other businesses who need frequent access all day long. Enter through our pedestrian door on either side of our garage bay doors (*we occupy both Bay#2 and Bay3#). If you get turned around or confused, don’t hesitate to call us at 608.308.1113, and we’ll help guide you back to us.

Step 3: DESIGN

Work on carving the sand molds at home at your leisure anytime between when you picked up your sand mold and when the start of the iron pour begins. See our TIPS & TRICKS page for great design instruction for how to carve your sand mould.


ALL SAND MOULDS MUST be brought back to the event site before noon the day of the event.  You can always drop off your finish carved sand molds pieces at FeLion anytime earlier, of course.

If you're looking for more help with carving your sand tile, sign up for a workshop offered to the public before the event. To register and find out more about these classes, visit the WORKSHOPS page for more info and tickets.  

STEP 5: Accessorize

The optional Magnetic Hanger is a super smart way for you to hang your final iron creation up on the wall after it's all cleaned up. These super-strong, neodymium rare earth magnets can hold up to 65lbs of pull, so your finished iron casting will be safe and sound with that amount of magnetism on it !