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Intermediate Mold making Workshops


Sunday, July 14, 2019, 10am-7pm (Lunch break included)

Sunday, July 21, 2019, 10am-7pm (Lunch break included)

(20 seats available per class)

Beginners to professional artists welcome!

Take your cast iron ideas to the next level and join us at FeLion Studios to learn the processes for creating a sand mold around a clay relief sculpture that you make during this active full day long workshop. Workshop participants are provided with the tools, materials and support needed for the entire mold-making and iron casting end result.

The sand molds created in the workshop will be poured with molten iron at the Midwest Fire Fest in Cambridge, WI, on July 27, 2019. Finished iron castings will be cleaned after the iron pour event, and available for take-away the following day, or by appointment.

Ticket price includes all materials and labor involved in iron pour casting process, as well as a “Finishing Touches: Techniques Guide” printed mini-book for each participant to take home and use for protecting and decorating the newly made raw casting.

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Additional Info

This class is designed for go-getters, creatives and independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get on their knees for something cool. If you are looking for an opportunity to make something more detailed with cast iron, then this workshop is for you! The full day workshop will teach you how to control the texture of your ideas and really push the limits of customizing your cast iron potential by creating a relief (one-sided) sculpture using oil clay and sand molding processes.

We’ll start the morning out with sculpting our designs using oil clay to create intricate patterns (ie: your ideas) onto a 7 in x 7 in board where you learn how to turn your 2D images into 3D relief objects. After your clay object is created, we move onto the process of sand mold making where you get to measure, mixing and pack the resin-bonded sand mold material around your clay creation, capturing every tiny intricate detail in the process. The sand mold will harden over a lunch break during the workshop, and the final step is the satisfaction of pulling out your clay creation from the hardened  sand mold to reveal all of the texture and detail that is now transferred to the sand mold from your clay design.

The sand mold is then complete! It will be brought to the upcoming iron pour event, where the FeLion Studios crew will make final preparations onto it before we cast them with molten iron. The final result is your very own custom cast iron relief sculpture that you made from scratch!

This is a fun and relaxed class open to any skill level who is willing to try something new. Some of the best pieces are made by novices who are doing this for the first time and just embracing the work at hand. Previous knowledge of the process is helpful, but not required.

End Result:

Because you will be using clay to sculpt our your designs and make a sand mold around them, the results are a highly detailed cast iron pieces that you made from scratch! 

This class accomplishes the first critical steps in the metal casting process, and you will leave with the experience of knowing you just made something incredibly unique and straight from your heart.

Included in the workshop ticket is a new printed mini-book guide with suggestive techniques to put the finishing Touches onto your new cast iron creation.

Everyone's sand molds made in this class will be cast at the public iron pour on 

July 27 2019 in Cambridge WI at the Midwest Fire Fest event.

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