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Kids Cast Iron Cookies


Junior metal casters have the unique opportunity to make an incredibly detailed cast iron sculpture using clay and cookie cutters. Open Studio workshops in July are a flexible and fun way to get pumped for the big iron pour event where we cast their creations with molten iron.

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Additional Info

Our open studio kids workshops are a fun and casual way to learn about metal casting and mold making processes at FeLion Studios. Kids get involved by using their creativity using non-toxic plasticine clay to design a keepsake that will be cast into iron at our big pouring event during Midwest Fire Fest 2019.

We teach techniques for how to work with oil clay using rolling pins, clay sculpting tools and cookie cutters! The young students learn how to form creative textures onto the clay cookie cut out by applying additive & subtractive approaches while decorating their “cookies”. Once the clay sculpting is done, you are free to go, and the FeLion crew will take it from there!

We will prepare everyone’s clay pieces for metal casting by mixing and packing a new sand mold around each one, which forms a very detailed impression around the clay designs. After the sand mold material sets up hard, we take the time to peel out the clay design from the sand mold, and spray a graphite mixture into them to smooth out any sandy textures a little more.

The community iron pour is on July 27, 2019 in Cambridge, WI during Midwest Fire Fest, and we will take everyone’s sand mold to the event to be poured in molten iron! Just mark your calendar for the big event so you can see how your clay sculpture design looks in a sand mold that will be poured with iron while you watch!

Check out our cool little video to see what the kids class is all about.

The kids classes at FeLion Studios are a creative, safe and fun way for young artists to learn the foundry and mold making process without all the heavy lifting. Watch our video to learn about the processes involved in making a cast iron keepsake from scratch.

Walk-in’s welcome. Sign up’s preferred :}

Join us at FeLion Studios

July 8 - July 24

Every Monday & Wednesday from Noon-3pm.

  • Monday July 8, 2019

  • Wednesday July 10, 2019

  • Monday July 15, 2019

  • *CANCELED!* Wednesday July 17, 2019 **CANCELED! *

  • Monday July 22, 2019

  • Wednesday July 24, 2019

Open studio means you can come anytime within the workshop dates and hours to work one your sculpture.

*Note: This is a clay-working workshop only. Kids are not involved in any sand molding or foundry processes. They just need to come ready to be creative and work with clay in our studio environment!

Address & Parking info:

FeLion Studios LLC

2825 Perry Street

(Bay Door #3)

Madison, WI 53713

Parking info: Free parking is anywhere along Perry Street. You are welcome to drive around to the studio doors to drop off kids before parking on the street. Please be mindful to stay clear of stopping in front of garage bay’s #1 and Bay #4, as they are occupied by other businesses who use them all day.

Driving Directions: Our facility is located south of the belt line off of Fish Hatchery Road and Greenway Cross. Head east bound on Green way cross until you reach Perry Street, which . T-intersects with GreenWay Cross. Turn north onto Perry, and just follow that about ¾ the way down the street, we are on the east side of the street behind Mad City Moving.

The studio doors are situated directly behind (in the same building) as Mad City Moving. Drive back along either side of the building where you'll come to our courtyard with all of the big moving trucks. Enter through our pedestrian door between the big garage Bay #3 and Bay #4. We’ll see you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Question: What kind of clay are we working with?

Answer: We use non-toxic petroleum jelly-based clay called Plasticine clay to model a unique creation. This clay is medium softness, water-proof and never dries out, which is perfect for use in sculpting with and making sand molds around.

2) Question: What should I wear or bring to this workshop?

Answer: You will not be working with anything hot or heavy , but we *are* a sculpture studio so wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Closed toed shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots are great, but not mandatory. They will only help keep your toes more clean :} Feel free to bring any kind of snacks or drinks *(adult drinks too if you are into that) to keep you comfortable. We have a fridge and clean office space for food-stuff. If you have your own cookie cutters that you want to use, feel free to bring those too. We have a few dozen really cool shapes to get you started, but we encourage bringing anything that makes your heart flutter and inspires you the most.

3) Question: What age group is this appropriate for? *(and how long does activity this take?)

Answer: An ideal age range for the kids workshops is between 8 - 14 years old, but we have had kids as young as 5 years old do this workshop with their siblings and they had a great time :} Kids will typically work for 45 min - 1 hour, but everyone works at their own pace during this open studio time.

4) Question: What do people make these for? What kind of outcomes are there?

Answer: Casting your kids ideas and capturing their creativity within 3-D forms is an incredibly special experience for both you and your child. Working with clay is quick, stress-relieving, fun and extremely stimulating for complex cognitive skills such as developing spacial relationship with different materials, exercising fine motor skills, problem solving, inspiring a sense of discovery and learning about processes. To see something get cast in iron is an incredibly unique opportunity, and a sense of ownership and pride in what they do gets celebrated at our large community events. Kids like to decorate for fun and excitment, but some kids like to make something for the home too! We have seen small lockets, picture frames, ligh switch covers, candle holders, key trays, friendship medallions, window hangings and so many unique pieces of wall hanging art come out of this experience. Making an iron casting is like grabbing a rare snapshot of your creative self at whatever age you are at.

I hope to see you here and making something incredibly special with you!

Any other inquiries, please reach out to Alisa Toninato at 608.308.1113, or via email at