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Accessory Magnetic Hanger


This slick little magnetic hanger is great way to display your pan when not in use. The hanger consists of a very powerful neodymium (rare-earth) magnet set flush into a thick Maple wood block, ready to attach to a wall or cabinet with a standard wood screw.

(Hardware included!)

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Hand made in house & coated with a hard water-based acrylic matte finish. This magnetic hanger is rated for 80# pull strength, so be careful when attaching the iron to the hanger, and make sure to keep your fingers clear of the back!  Taking them off the hanger is as simple as putting them onto it ~ just grab the pans by the handle and lever them off the magnetic surface.

Good to use on other cookwares as well, it will hang a 12" skillet no problem. Because, you know, cast iron is sexy and displaying your collection is something to be proud of :}