The Food Network turns 20 yrs old, & we're invited to celebrate !

This October, the Food Network just turned 20 years old, and boy oh boy do they know how to throw a party! 

FeLion Studios was invited to compliment the event’s décor by bringing in our 48 state cast iron map to hang in the  “Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives” section of the 75,000 square foot exhibit space at Pier 92 where the 3 hour long party took place. With a huge open space, high ceilings and column-free corridors, our 9ft x 6 ft map looked like a small painting on the wall !

            It was quite an experience setting up.  There must have been over a few hundred different Union tradespeople working beside each other within the 2 day set up period. What a task;  they had to turn a vacant shipping warehouse into a red carpet / white curtain event and tear it all down immediately afterwards. 

            When we got there the day before the event, our wall was just getting built, and new paint was ready to be rolled across the 12 ft x 10 ft wall designated for our piece. Everyone was working at full-tilt to get all the details and major installations set up before the party kicked off the following evening at 6pm.

            Needless to say, it was an all-around-the-clock kind of night for many of those workers, whom we enjoyed meeting and sharing this awesome experience with.

            Unfortunately, I don’t have photos from the party itself. It’s one of those things were I think we were generously allowed into the party under the graces of the people working the event !  So taking pictures might have rubbed a few people the wrong way. Needless to say, those 3 hours of incredible food, awesome music and strong drinks were some of the most surreal hours I’ve had at any party in my life! 

I’m happy to report that I met some awesome people and part of the creative team behind the look of Food Network's brand. I even got a chance to shake the  CEO’s hand – twice !  It was pretty cool, especially in high heels and a loud dress ;}  I'm sure he was wondering who the heck this lady was squeezing his hand and pointing to our piece hidden behind crowds of people...   I was really that excited to meet him, even if he has no idea who FeLion is :} 

            Go Big Or Go Home !!  That’s the message I took back. I hope we get more opportunities like this in our future! So far, we're pretty darn fortunate & deeply grateful for the fun adventures.