The Martha Stewart Show


So what do you do when a producer at the Martha Stewart Show asks if you can make it to NY with your artwork for one of their shows?  EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, OF COURSE !!!  And life handed me a golden ticket : where the recent sale of my first big composition of cast irons, has allowed us the funds to do just that. New York New York , here we come !


 On April 22nd  2012, Andrew, our dog Zeus, and the big 550 # cast iron map of the 48 contiguous states called “Made In America”, took a road trip out to Manhattan to install the map on Martha Stewart’s last live episode of her TV show.  We had a lot to prepare before making this excursion, starting with how to get the piece there. Shipping it would have been ridiculously expensive for us, so the only option is to take Andrew’s ’92 Ford E-250 van and pray for the best.  First, we had to fix a few things though, including the fuel line, brakes and moving the hornets’ nest out of the vehicle that had happily been living in the back for a few years.  Thank goodness Andrew has befriended the creatures as his personal alarm system, and was able to safely find them a new home outside. He’s also quite handy with vehicles, so he got right to it with repairs and cleaning the car up as best as possible for the big trip East.


Then we had to build crates for the piece. It’s been 6 months since the piece was realized, so this step is inevitable and probably way over due already. With the help of our neighbor & wood carving artist friend Aaron Laux, we had our work cut out for us. He assisted in the design/ layout and wonderful second pair of skilled hands to help get the outside wooden shells put together in a day.

The next step was a tedious puzzle of fitting all 48 states into 2 designated crates. This took us 6 days to cut, measure, record and fit all the individual cast iron parts together safely for cross-country travel.  These 2 crates are a piece of work in and of itself.

Packed up and ready to go, the 4 crates and our 2 bags just barely fit into the van, leaving all of 4 square feet for Zeuss our Border Collie / Lab mix to find a place to lay between us up front during the ride. Everything just barely fit !  What a good sport Zeuss was !

This was so incredible that it’s almost impossible to exclaim all the awesome things we saw inside their studio and beyond.  The team at Martha Stewart’s TV Studio was like a well-oiled machine, except they were human of course, and oh so friendly and fun ;}  I learned that in live TV world, you really just have to go with the flow and be a master at just letting some things happen while staying grounded in your strengths. Martha has perfected that talent, and I was SO thankful for her steady flow and radiant confidence.