New England compositions

Luck has it, I had the opportunity to cast 2 New England regional skillet maps for 2 different locations this past Fall.  Making custom compositions for people is literally one of my favorite things to do. It allows me to arrange a special part of the collection of original 48 state map, and choose framing colors and wood types to compliment each home or locations’ particular aesthetic palette.

            In this case, we went with our ‘trademark’ cranberry red frame for both party’s, which accents the blond wood background of these smaller map arrangements quite boldly.

            The results are always unique and exciting to me. Because we are able to put together any combination of geographic regions that we’re asked to, the end shape of the map just depends on whatever states have been picked ~ which is such a cool thing to see come together.

            Here the New England states have a nice vertical composition, with the handles nicely spilling outside the borders in a relatively balanced way.  Glad to see these final pictures of “home sweet Home” for these very special pieces.