Wisconsin Foodie

For those of you in the Midwest that are avid followers of this phenomenal show, you already know how cool of an experience this was for me :}  For anyone else, trust me when I say :  This is the best coverage of our process here at FeLion Studios that I have ever seen to this day!

Wisconsin Foodie is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based show that travels all across the Midwest interviewing family farms, local diners, colorful beer festivals, and restaurant's with a flare for locally sourced, wonderfully done menus and hosted by the one and only, charismatic, Kyle Cherek. 

Our segment was run in conjunction with a wildly popular local event here in Wisconsin called the Grilled Cheese Championship, which uses our Wisconsin cast iron pans as trophy's for every grilled cheese category's "best of" award. We frequent this event each year, selling our cast iron state shaped wares to the loyal audience of grilled cheese enthusiasts.

Here's an excellent look into my process. From breaking iron to cleaning up and finish grinding the castings. Remember! This is only 1/6 of the entire process for cast iron. There's still the design & pattern making, mould making, sandblasting, seasoning and custom packaging that happens thereafter. 

Enjoy this footage, found in "Act II" of the show. (Scroll to mid-point, and press play for FeLion footage).

Wisconsin Foodie