FeLion Studios: Martha Stewarts' American Made Honoree !!!


                  It doesn’t get more surreal & remarkable than this: we’re going back to New York with our “Made In America” cast iron art piece !!!!  This October, Martha Stewart is hosting the first ever “American Made” Awards, which honors just 10 carefully selected creative small businesses who get recognized for their excellence in their category of self-made entrepreneurship.

            FeLion Studios is being honored as one of such businesses, and it’s almost unbelievable to comprehend- still- that we are invited into this amazing family of makers amongst the literally thousands of insanely awesome makers in America that Martha Stewart has personally met. It’s simply the biggest honor of my career in my life so far – .

            The event was 4 days long and set up inside the historic Grand Central Station. Our “Made In America” cast iron art piece was centrally hung along the wall, side to side with the amazing works of my other “classmate” Honorees, so visitors could see what we all do up close and personal. Each Honoreer also had the honor to host a workshop specific to each of our special skill sets.

            I had a blast as my buddies from Mud Sharks Studios and Brian Howell “The Bee Man”, as we all joined forces to give a one-hour long power session in mould making 101 to about 20 pre-registered attendees in our sold-out class !

            My parents were even there to get their first lessons in silicon rubber and plaster mixing.  I won’t lie, it was pretty awkward!  I don’t think my dad cared much for the stuff, but they were both good sports regardless of their end results in the class.

            After the week’s activities were over, we had a few days extra to explore the rest of city as much as possible. Andrew and I hooked up with fellow Honorees just about every night of the week. Most remarkable was our visit & night’s stay in Brooklyn’s Wyeth Hotel, where we had the extreme please to experience the craft of hospitality created by our fellow honoree’s who own & manage the remarkable space.