What We Do

FeLion Studios is a design / build sculpture studio specializing in cast iron art, custom castings and commercial commissions. We're driven by a craft-centric methodology that strives to exceed expectations in every aspect of our process, from concept to design and into the final finish.

Employing old techniques to fresh ideas, our talents tend carefully to aesthetics, craftsmanship and the functionality behind design. We excel at producing "one-off's", yet accomplished at running commercial projects for your restaurant's cookware, corporate gifts or special awards needs. Check out our Custom Commissions page for examples of things we've done so far. 

Who We Are

FeLion is inspired and run by artists Alisa Toninato & her partner Andrew McManigal. Through her cast iron artworks & vibrant studio community, Toninato exposes the true grit & culture of DIY iron artists to her city, the country & the globe.

Recognized as 2012 Honoree's with Martha Stewart's American Made Awards, Alisa's iconic iron skillet map titled "Made In America", first showed at Art Prize in 2011, followed by the Martha Stewart Show in 2012, and is now looking for a more permanent home.

We continue to establish new relationships through our custom casting capabilities, and are thrilled to offer our customers something special straight from our hands. 

Who We've Worked With: