Become an Iron Pour Sponsor,

And become part of the iron tribe!

If you have already been to one of our public iron pours, then you know that it requires several resources to successfully accomplish the task.  

From purchasing consumables like iron, coke & gas, to building specialty equipment & tools, fitting safety gear, renting clean up equipment and pulling together a crew of skilled artisans; all of this to create something incredibly unique by hand, and provide an outcome that lasts for centuries. 

Sponsoring an iron pour event means more than funding our spectacular efforts.

It aligns your company brand with a nationally recognized artisan sculpture studio who is trail blazing their way to the top by attracting mediainvolving the community and creating experiences that no one forgets

Become a sponsor of our event, and you will be part of the tribe!  It's simple, fulfilling and tax deductible. Here are a few levels of suggested sponsorship amounts for all degrees of involvement:  

Aluminum Level: $250

  • Sponsor is provided with two (2) FeLion Studios T-shirts and promoted listings with logos on all FeLion Event pages

Bronze Level: $500

  • Sponsor is provided Aluminum level offerings, two (2) event sand moulds for custom castings at the pour, and offer to speak at the event. 

Iron Level: $1,000

  •  Sponsor is provided Aluminum level offering, five (5) event sand mould for custom casting at the pour, offer to speak at the event, and one (1) Wisconsin skillet from American Skillet Co. 


Contact Alisa Toninato below for further inquiry into this unique and supportive opportunity to be part of something hot!


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